Fountain 0.3.20 - Faster Boosts, Replies, Offline Support & Android Lock Screen Controls

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· Product Updates

Fountain 0.3.20 is now live on iOS and Android!

Faster Boosts

In this version we've significantly improved the speed and performance of Boosts. Especially for shows or episodes with a large number splits. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

Replying to Boosts

We have changed the way replying to a Boost works in order to make it cheaper and quicker to send messages to other listeners. Fountain now charges a flat rate of 10 sats to send a reply, which we pay back to our listeners (check out our Friday giveaways on Twitter). Follow other users to get a notification when they send a Boost or reply and let the conversation flow!

Offline Support

You can now listen to your downloaded episodes without WiFi or mobile data. Fountain automatically downloads new episodes from shows that you follow (you can change your preferences for downloads in your settings, which you can access from the main menu). To manually download an episode, press the cloud icon and leave the app open while it finishes downloading. You can filter your Episodes list to only show episodes that have been downloaded.

Android Lock Screen Controls

Good news for Android users - you can now skip backwards and forwards from the lock screen when listening to podcasts.

Other Bug Fixes

Additional bug fixes include adding a clip to playlist and OPML import.

We really welcome your continued feedback on the app so we can make it a better experience. You can report bugs and share ideas through the menu in the app, or by emailing  

Thanks for your support,

Fountain Team

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