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Activating cross-app Boosts for your podcast

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Display Boosts sent from all Podcasting 2.0 apps

Any Boost sent on Fountain will already be displayed in the app, unless the sender has set it to private.  In order to display Boosts sent from other apps as comments, Fountain must be added as a split on your podcast. The easiest way to do this is to get a Fountain Podcaster Wallet.


Option 1: Get the Fountain Podcaster Wallet

With our Podcaster Wallet you can add your podcast to the Lightning Network in seconds as well as monitor your earnings and audience engagement - all from the Fountain app.

If you have a Podcaster Wallet, we will automatically add a 1% split to your show for Fountain Comments so that we can read and display Boosts sent from other apps.

To learn more about the Fountain Podcaster Wallet and find instructions on how to claims yours, follow the link below.


Option 2: Add Fountain as a split (if you're running own node)

Without a Podcaster Wallet, in order for Fountain to be able to read Boosts sent from other apps you will need to add our Lightning Node Pubkey as a split for your show.

Step 1: Go to and log in with your RSS Feed URL and associated email

Step 2: Select "Add a custom Node"

Step 3: Add your lightning node pubkey and press OK

Step 4: Click the edit icon to add a split

Step 5: Add a split called "Fountain", copy and paste our lightning node pubkey and set the value to 1%. Reduce your split to 99% so that the total adds up to 100% and press save.

Fountain Pubkey: 03bc290b26637eb8f25de69fca83c85c014796aa03d90bf0d4c03c18947e12127d

Step 6: You're done! You will see both nodes appear as a split on your podcast. Boosts sent from all apps will now be displayed in Fountain, providing that the app is sending the correct TLV data.

Download Fountain 


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