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Boosting on Fountain just got a lot more exciting

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Comment on any podcast with Lightning

In the Fountain 0.3.15 update, any Boosts sent from Fountain will now be displayed in the app. You can Boost any podcast that supports Value for Value (look out for the yellow Lightning icon on the podcast page). Before you can start sending Boosts, you will need to add funds to your wallet. You can find a step-by-step guide on how this works here

 Oncce you have added funds to your wallet:

  • Search for a Lightning Podcast and play an episode.
  • Press the Boost button and type your message (maximum 500 characters).
  • Choose how many sats you want to send with your comment. You must send a minimum of 1 sat to each person or entity listed as a split for that episode. The more you send, the higher your comment will appear in the list! You can check the splits for an episode in the boost panel.
  • See Boosts from other listeners by pressing the episode artwork. You can also reply to Boosts from other users to create a thread, which work in exactly the same way. 
  • Make sure your notifications are turned on. You will be notified when someone replies to your Boost or when someone you follow sends a Boost.


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