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Fountain 0.2.4 - Boostagrams

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· Product Updates

Fountain 0.2.4 is now live on iOS and Android!

With this feature we've added Boostagrams - messages you can send along with your boosts that podcasters will recieve along with those precious sats.

Check out this clip from Podcasting 2.0 where Adam Curry explains how Boostagrams are closing the value for value loop for podcasts:

Other Bug Fixes + Improvements

  • Many audio fixes on Android
  • New clip draft UI
  • Ability to withdraw satoshis from wallet + lower minimum deposit - thanks @JohnOnChain
  • Fixed issue with rss date parsing - thanks @cottongin
  • Fixed issue with iOS not remembering podcast position - thanks @davejackson
  • Fixed issue with call interrupt not resuming podcast - thanks @onedumbguy
  • Fixed issue with Spotify podcast import - thanks @kerooke

Please keep you're feedback coming - either through the feedback link in the app or simply emailing

Thanks for your support,

Fountain Team


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