Fountain 0.2.6 - PodcastIndex Search, Download Controls, Chapters

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· Product Updates

Fountain 0.2.6 is now live on iOS and Android!

This update contains a huge amount of under-the-hood improvements to the podcast listening experience. Special thanks to everyone who has submitted feedback over the past few weeks - please keep your feedback coming - we're listening!

We've updated our integration with the PodcastIndex to ensure that any podcast on the index is available to listen on Fountain.

We've also completely re-vamped podcast syncing and downloading to give you more control and flexibility over how and when episodes are downloaded:

  • Show syncing can be manually triggered from the Podcasts menu.
  • Episodes are no longer automatically downloaded but can be downloaded individually from the episode controls panel.

Finally - we've added support for chapters so you can navigate between sections and see custom titles, images, and links for each.

Please keep you're feedback coming - either through the feedback link in the app or simply emailing

Thanks for your support,

Fountain Team


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