Fountain 0.2.8 - Showlists + Episode Level Splits

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· Product Updates

Fountain 0.2.8 is now live on iOS and Android!

Showlists + Serialised Shows

With this version we've added support for Showlists - giving you the ability to customise multiple episode feeds for different shows. Seperate your shows by topic, format, length, or however you'd like!

We also now support Serialised Shows making it easier for you to start from the beginning for your favourite true crime show.

Big shoutout to Evo Terra for his podcast app manifesto on these - we'll add the rest soon.

Episode Level Splits

Fountain now supports episode level value blocks. This allows podcasters to send to set up different payment splits for individual episodes, maybe sending the guest a split, or donating the proceeds of a specific episode to a cause.

We've also added splits info to the episode screen so you can see where your sats will be sent before listening. 

Other Bug Fixes + Improvements

  • Adaptive Android icon - thanks @JamesCridland
  • Mark all episodes played from show page - thanks @timmy2383
  • Offline streaming payments saved in cache - thanks @sirpeet
  • Fixed bug with episode search click through

Please keep you're feedback coming - either through the feedback link in the app or simply emailing

Thanks for your support,

Fountain Team


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