Fountain 0.3.0 - Optional Email Login, UI Updates, Faster Podcast Syncing, Web Player & Audio Download Bug Fix

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Fountain 0.3.0 is now live on iOS and Android!

Optional Email Login

Fountain users no longer need to create an account to start using the app. Our new onboarding flow allows anonymous log in without providing any personal data.

We know this is an important one for many of you and we value our user's privacy as much as we value our own. Thank you to Russ, soberunicorn, Christopher Lemon, Brian Doerr, Jim Huettner and Simon Zajac, who all requested this update.

UI Updates

When you updgrade to 0.3.0 you will notice a few design changes:

  • You can now go to your wallet from the main navigation to allow better ease of access
  • Clips are now styled in grey to create a cleaner aesthetic for the Discover and Profile pages
  • The Fountain wallet has a new look that and it gives you a summary of sats sent and podcasters supported. You can also tap your wallet balance in the top right to see the current dollar value of your sats.

Web Player

We have made a couple of improvements to the browser version of Fountain. 

  • New media player optimsied for desktop and mobile listening
  • Added option to listen to episode in the Fountain app

Want to send a podcast to a friend or post on Twitter? Just click the share button on the player screen or show and episode pages in the app.

Faster Podcast Sync

If you follow a lot of podcasts, you may have noticed that it takes a while to sync them when you open the app which was affecting performance. We have fixed this issue in the new update.

Audio Download Bug Fix

We also and fixed a bug where in some cases the audio file would only partially download. Thanks to Kevin Rooke, Brian Masi, Chad Farrow, Daniel Prince and The Beard for reporting this one!

Please keep you're feedback coming - either through the feedback link in the app or simply by emailing

Thanks for your support,

Fountain Team


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