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Fountain 0.3.10 - Boosts Update, Player/Podcasts UI, Person Tag & Transcription

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· Product Updates

Fountain 0.3.10 is now live on iOS and Android!

Boosts Update

If you listen to podcasts on Fountain or another app that supports Value for Value, you can already send a message when you press Boost to support a show - but they are only visible to the podcaster. 

We believe that treating these messages like comments by displaying them in the apps and. allowing you to reply to is a more connected experience. We also think you should be able to read and reply to Boosts from any Podcasting 2.0 app!

This has now been activated for all podcasts on Fountain. Learn more about Boosts below!


New Player/Podcasts UI

First of all you will notice a few design changes to the player for clips, including bigger images, new buttons and more user-friendly navigation controls. We think this is a big improvement for the listener experience - we hope our listeners agree! We have also updated the design of the show and episode pages.

Person Tag Support

Fountain now supports the podcast:person tag.  That means if you have published an episode and tagged yourself or your guests who feature they will now be displayed on the episode page (see the Podcasting 2.0 example above).

Transcription Updates

Fountain transcribes each episode so you can easily create and edit clips. With Fountain 0.3.10 we've introduced better transcription accuracy and faster processing speeds. Even though we still have more progress yet to make, creating and sharing clips just got that little bit easier.

We really welcome your feedback on these new features. You can report bugs and share ideas through the menu in the app, or by emailing 

Thanks for your support,

Fountain Team


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