Fountain 0.3.16 - Lightning Addresses, Fountain User Splits, Activity Notifications & Skip Controls

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Fountain 0.3.16 is now live on iOS and Android!

Lightning Addresses

Every Fountain user now has a Lightning Address connected to their Wallet. A Lightning Address is like an email address that you can use to receive Bitcoin over the Lightning Network. To receive money, share your Lightning Address and you can get paid from any Bitcoin Lightning Wallet. Your user name will be used as a prefix before the domain e.g. You can find and share your Lightning Address from your Profile and it is visible to other users.


Fountain User Splits

You can now add another Fountain user as a split for your show or any episode. This is a really valuable feature if you have co-hosts, guests or a larger team working on your podcast that you want to distribute your income to. When you get added as a split, a summary card for Podcaster Income will appear in your Wallet and you will see all the earnings and engagement analytics for the show or episode that you were added to. To set up Fountain User Splits for your podcast, get the Fountain Podcaster Wallet.

The these new features in Fountain 0.3.16 are packaged up in a Fountain Wallet. Whether you are using Fountain as a listener or a podcaster you now just have one wallet, which shows your balance and a summary of your engagement. If you are a podcaster and you have claimed your show in Fountain, your income and engagement analytics will now be visible to you as a tab on your podcast page. You can easily get to your podcast by clicking on the summary card in your wallet. 


Activity Notifications

Get notified when users who you follow create or interact with clips and see which podcasts they are supporting. We believe Activity Notifications will be a great way for you to discover content that your friends found valuable. In the future we will be adding more notification types that podcasters and listeners find useful. If you have any requests or suggestions, please let us know!


Skip Control Settings

You can now change between 10 seconds and 30 seconds for your forwards/backwards skip controls on the player. To update your preferences, go to Settings in the main menu. This was a popular request amongst Fountain users - thank you to those who shared feedback and please keep it coming. It gets logged and prioritised based on how frequently it is requested.

We really welcome your feedback on these new features. You can report bugs and share ideas through the menu in the app, or by emailing 

Thanks for your support,

Fountain Team


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