Fountain 0.3.6 - Automatic Downloads & Podcast Filter Tags

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Fountain 0.3.6 is now live on iOS and Android!

Automatic Downloads

New episodes in your podcasts feed will now be queued for download to local storage on your device and will be processed automatically whilst the app is in the background and on WiFi.

You can turn on automatic downloads by changing your setting from the main menu. You can also allow downloads using your mobile data when you don't have a WiFi connection. To remove downloaded episodes from your device, filter by downloaded from your podcasts feed and press delete.

Thanks go to Richard Marsh, Jeffrey Orr, Michael Grossi, Eric Guth and Chris Tremelling for requesting this feature. We hope you like the update!

Podcast Filter Tags

Organising your favourite podcasts just got a lot easier. Podcast Filter Tags gives you more control over your episodes and shows feed with the following options:

  • Filter by the default tags (All, Downloaded, Starred)
  • Create custom tags (e.g. Bitcoin, Sleep, Commuting)

You can also now view your shows in order of new episodes published.

Thank you John Lipps, Kyle Hebert, Brian Doerr and Leslie Martin and Chris Tremelling for putting your asks in for this one.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fountain will now remember your playback speed for each show
  • Errors fixed when creating and saving clips

Please keep you're feedback coming - either through the feedback link in the app or simply by emailing

Thanks for your support,

Fountain Team


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