Fountain 0.3.7 - Podcaster Wallet & Improved Search

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Fountain 0.3.7 is now live on iOS and Android!

Podcaster Wallet

After a couple of months of testing in a closed beta, the Fountain Podcaster Wallet is now ready for launch - and we are really excited about this one. 

We are making it easier for podcasts to join the Lightning Network and start receiving sats from their fans. We're also giving you engagement analytics for your show including messages, earnings and supporters from all podcast apps that support these features.

Claim your show in the app and go 

Podcasters need a simpler onboarding process that anyone can follow, even if you are completely new to the Lightning Network. We are making this possible by allowing any podcaster to claim their show within the app and start earning Bitcoin straight away. Find a podcast, enter the email address in your public RSS feed and verify your account in just a few clicks.

Track earnings and read messages 

Podcasters need useful insights to see how their listeners are engaging with their content and how well it is performing. Fountain's Podcaster Wallet gives you detailed analytics and tools for your show that you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Income: Check your earnings from your show and every episod
  • Supporters: See who your biggest fans are and what they have paid
  • Messages: Read questions and comments from your listeners
  • Transactions: Get a record of all payments along with episode timestamp data
  • Withdraw: Transfer your earnings from Fountain to any Lightning Wallet instantly

Manage splits for each episode

If you co-host a podcast or have regular guests, you can add them as a beneficiary and share a percentage of your income from episode with them. Some podcasters are also choosing to give a share of their earnings to non-profit organisations such as Human Rights Foundation's Bitcoin Development Fund.

To create a split, the beneficiary you are adding must have a Lightning Node. We are working on a user-friendly way of adding people or organisations as beneficiaries from the Fountain app without requiring them to host their own node.

Improved Search

Until now, users could only search for podcasts. We have added a new search function to the Discover screen which helps you find other users and the content they have shared on Fountain. This means you now have two ways to search:

  • Discover: Search Fountain (clips, people, playlists and hashtags)
  • Podcasts: Search Podcasts (shows, episodes or guests)

Searching from the Discover page is helpful for finding users to follow and looking for clips about topics you're interested in. Playlists are collections of clips curated by other users. Hashtags are basically playlists that anyone can post clips to.

We really welcome your feedback on these new features. You can report bugs and share ideas through the menu in the app, or by emailing

Thanks for your support,

Fountain Team

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