Fountain 0.4.0 - Listen to Earn, Promotions & Paid Likes

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Fountain 0.4.0 is now live on iOS and Android!

Earn by listening to your favourite podcasts on Fountain.

Why should we get paid to listen?

The time and attention we give to tech platforms is incredibly valuable. Every minute that you spend consuming content, creating content, or viewing ads, increases the value of the platform you’re using. Most free apps we use every day don’t recognise or reward this - but Fountain is different. It’s the only podcast app that rewards both listeners and podcasters for the value that they bring to the platform.

How can you earn on Fountain?

  • Listening to any of your favourite podcasts
  • Listening to promoted content on the Discover page
  • When other users like your clips or comments

Earn by listening to your favourite podcasts

Watch the earnings counter tick up on the player for every minute you listen and see your sats show up in your Wallet. You can keep your earnings or use them to support your favourite podcasts. New users start earning at the basic rate. The more you contribute to Fountain by creating clips, liking clips and comments or supporting podcasts, the more you will earn.

You can also earn up to five times more by referring friends. To share or redeem a code, go to your Wallet and press Multiply Your Earnings.

Earn by listening to promotions

Fountain Promotions are native ads on the Discover page that allow listeners to earn extra money every day. Getting paid to listen to ads is a more rewarding experience for users but it also solves two common yet unreported headaches for podcast advertisers.

  • If the episode your ad is placed in is downloaded, it might not be played.
  • If the episode is played, listeners can easily skip your ad

Both of these cases are still counted as downloads in your reach metrics. In other words, your ad is not reaching users but you’re still paying. Fountain Promotions are un-skippable and a portion of the advertising budget gets paid back to the user for every second they spend listening. Fountain Promotions are voluntary and do not interrupt the podcast listening experience. They can be turned off in the Settings menu if you are a Fountain Premium user. Podcasters who want to get their content in front new audiences can also promote an episode or clip within the app once they have claimed their Fountain Podcaster Wallet.

Earn from your clips and comments through paid likes

In Fountain you can now pay other users by liking their clips or comments. Listeners now have a financial incentive to share content they find valuable and express their thoughts on what they're listening to. Liking clips and comments creates signal for other listeners looking to find podcasts that they're going to enjoy. Every time you press like, you're sending 10 sats to the user who created the clip or sent the comment. You can press the like button as many times as you want!

How does this help grow Value for Value?

People want to support the podcasts they love but to get started but if you don't already own some Bitcoin (and know how to use a Lightning wallet), switching to a Value for Value podcast app like Fountain isn't straightforward.

We believe Value for Value is a more rewarding system for everyone, but to help Value for Value grow we must make it accessible to all. Allowing users to start earning Bitcoin as soon as they open up Fountain for the first time takes us one step closer to achieving this. Earn just by listening to your favourite podcasts and then send the money back to them to show your support.

Fountain is a more rewarding way to enjoy podcasts

  • Listeners - Earn money for something you do every day
  • Podcasters - Turn your biggest fans into supporters
  • Advertisers - Stop paying for podcast ads that nobody hears

We are really excited to see how listeners and podcasters enjoy the new earning features. If you would like to share your feedback or report any issues you're experiencing, you can do this through the menu in the app, or by emailing

If you have questions about these new features or want more information on how Fountain works, make sure you visit our FAQs page.

Thanks for your support,

Fountain Team

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