Fountain 0.4.8 - Referrals, Search Editorial and Other Improvements

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· Product Updates

Fountain 0.4.8 is now live on iOS and Android!

Referral Update

We have tweaked the way that referrals work on Fountain so that when your friends redeem your code, they can also earn more. Each time you refer a friend or redeem a code your Flow will increase slightly, which improves your earning rate when listening to your podcasts. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer. You can check your referral stats, share your link and redeem a code from the main menu in the app.

Referring friends is just one way of increasing your Flow. Supporting podcasts makes the biggest difference to your Flow - the more sats you have sent compared to how many sats you have earned in total, the higher your Flow will be.


Value for Value Search Editorial

Recently we launched Hot on Fountain over at, which shows the most supported content in the last 7 days. You can now find these charts in the mobile app at the top of the Search page.

Hot on Fountain

Discover the most supported shows and episodes, as well as the biggest boosts. This is a great way to discover content that is genuinely valuable and worthwhile.

New Lightning Podcasts

Discover shows that have recently been added to the Lightning Network. Send them a boost to say hello and give them a warm welcome to Value for Value.

To get regular updates on which podcasts are in the charts each week, follow us on Twitter.


Faster Boosts

When you send a boost on Fountain, you will no longer have to wait for the transaction to complete. Even if the podcaster has added a large number of splits, your boost will send in a couple of seconds.

If the payment to any of the splits fails, you will see this in the transactions list in your Wallet. If just one of the splits has failed, it’s usually an issue with the podcaster's node. If all of the splits fail, something might be broken on our side. Please let us know by sending feedback through the app or contacting us on Twitter so that we can investigate it.


Faster Timestamp Clipping

Since we launched the timestamp clip editor in Fountain 0.4.6, the main feedback we heard from you was that it takes too long to save a clip as a draft. In the new version, the loading time has been siginicantly reduced. We want to thank everyone who has shared suggestions on the new clipping tool - we will be working on further improvements in the coming months.


New options in Podcasts menu

We have added two new options to the menu on the Podcasts page:

Import podcasts

You can now import podcasts at any time through the Podcasts menu. We have also added this to the settings in the main menu. As a reminder, on iOS you can currently import from Apple Podcasts, Spotify or via OPML whereas on Android, you can only import from Spotify. We hope to offer an OPML import support for our Android users soon.

Delete all audio downloads

If Fountain is taking up a siginificant amount of storage on your mobile device, you can delete all of your downloaded episodes via the Podcasts menu. More device storage management features also coming soon.


Bug Fix

Adding some private RSS feeds was causing an error due to unusual date formats. This has now been fixed. Thanks to Ian Ceicys for reporting!


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