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Today we’re unveiling Hot on Fountain - a new area of our website where you can find the most valuable, high-signal content this week as voted by other listeners. You can now browse the most supported shows and episodes, as well as the biggest boosts. The charts are updated hourly and show you the top results from the last 7 days.

Unlike other podcast charts which are based on popularity (for example, the number of downloads), Fountain’s charts are based on money - the truest signal of value. After all, if you saw that somebody you follow boosted a million sats to a podcast, wouldn’t you be interested to know what they were listening to?

We believe this helps listeners discover content that is genuinely valuable and worthwhile. The charts also provide transparency to creators, who can understand what value listeners attribute to their content versus others, and how they can position themselves for success - regardless of their reach.

Here are three top 50 charts that you can now find at

  • Hot Shows is where you’ll find the most supported podcasts in the last 7 days
  • Hot Episodes is where you’ll find the most supported episodes in the last 7 days
  • Baller Boosts is where you’ll find the largest boosts so far this week

The best way to support a podcast is by streaming sats for every minute you listen or by sending a boost. By supporting your favourite show, you only are you sending them value, you are helping their content be discovered by other listeners on Fountain.

If you want to see regular updates about what's trending, make sure you follow Fountain on Twitter.

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