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How to create and share podcast clips on the Fountain app

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Share the best moments from podcasts

Fountain allows you to create clips of the best moments from podcasts so that you can share them with others. What's cool about this?

I'm sure you've experienced this feeling; you go to listen to your latest show. You have too many podcasts and too little time. You just know you're going to miss out on some great content.

This is why we allow clipping and have a Clips feed. But it works both ways - if you enjoy listening to other user's clips on Fountain, return the favour and clip something you found interesting so that other users can enjoy yours.

Here is a basic guide on how to use Fountain's clipping feature and share the knowledge and insights you acquire from listening to podcasts.

Find a Podcast

Go to Podcasts to search by show, episode and guest or browse by category. All the podcasts that support Lightning are at the top. If you're new on Fountain, here are ten brilliant podcasts on Fountain to get you started.

Hit play and press Clip

Start the episode you want to listen to. Pressing Clip will start loading a transcript of the audio. When it is ready the Clip button will switch and you can view it.  The loading time depends on the length of the episode and your connection, but it can take 2-3 minutes. This is something we are working to improve.

If you're listening to a podcast that you just know is going to be awesome, press Clip at the start and the transcript will load in the background. You will be ready to clip when you hear something you want to share.

Choose speech blocks

The audio transcript is broken down into blocks so you can choose with part of the podcast you want to clip. If there is more than one person talking, this makes it easier to see where each block of speech starts and ends. Swipe left or press edit clip to move on.

Edit text and preview audio

Once you've chosen the blocks, you cut the clip audio as required with the text editor. This is really helpful if you need to change the start and end of the clip or cut a section out. As you are editing the clip you listen it back using the preview player. Press save when you are happy with it.

Title, tag and publish

Give your clip a name that is interesting and gets people's attention. You can add hashtags so they appear in related playlists. Press publish and it will be visible to all Fountain users in the feed on the Clips page. You can also save a clip as a draft, which you can come back to later by going to your Profile.

Share it on Twitter

Go to Profile and press on the clip at the top of the list. The Share button lets you create a video with subtitles, the show name and clip title. Press the Twitter icon and draft you tweet. We love to listening to your clips, so please tag @fountain_app and the podcaster host so they hear them too.


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