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How to support podcasters on the Fountain app

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On Fountain you can send small denominations of Bitcoin called satoshis (or sats) directly to podcasts that support Lightning payments. You can either stream sats for every minute listened or send them a Boost at any point in the episode along with a message. 

This is great for podcasters as it is extra income. But importantly, when you boost they will get data (including the timestamp) which gives the podcaster insight into what their listeners enjoy about their content. Sending a Boost almost feels as good as receiving one!

Here is a short beginners guide on how to get started.

Top up your Fountain wallet

You will need to make sure you have some sats in your Fountain wallet. You can find this in the top menu. If you need to top up your wallet, read this tutorial on how to top up your Fountain Wallet and follow the steps listed there.

Find a Lightning Podcast

When you search for podcasts, the shows that support Lightning are marked in the app with the Lightning icon (⚡) . You will also see this on the Show and Episode description pages. To get started, here are ten brilliant podcasts on Fountain that are worth a follow.

Press Boost

Press the Boost button on the player. You can then choose how many sats you want to send and write a message (maximum 500 characters). Wait a couple of seconds for the transaction to go through and the ticker tape will appear on your screen when it's been sent. Your Boost will now be displayed on the episode page and others users will be able to send a reply.

Press Stream

Press the Stream button on the player. You can then choose how many sats you want to send every minute you listen. Press Update sats per min and the streaming value will now show up on the player when you play the podcast.

Check the splits

The podcaster can set custom splits for each episode and add co-hosts, producers and guests (for example). 1% of every transaction goes to Podcast Index. Fountain also takes a 5% fee for each transaction. This money will be paid back to new users through giveaways announced on our Twitter. If you sign up to Fountain Premium for $2.99 a month you can get rid of the fee.

See transactions in your wallet

At any time you can go to your Fountain wallet and see your current balance, as well as a detailed history of sats streamed or boosted, messages you have sent and shows you have supported.


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