Bitcoin Lightning and podcasting is taking off

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It might still be early in the game, but Lightning Podcasting is gathering momentum.

We believe the open, independent podcasting ecosystem and the Lightning Network will continue to thrive and challenge the state of play in podcasting. 

What has been proven by the Joe Rogan controversy this week is that content should not be put behind a paywall, nor should it be censored or made exclusive to just one platform. 

Listeners want podcasts to be available for free on a podcast app of their choosing. They want to pay whatever they want - of their own free fill - directly to the creator.

Fountain data from January 2022 paints a promising picture for Lightning Podcasting as an alternative to this. Here are some facts and insights that will give you reason to believe in its success.

More listeners are supporting podcasts with Bitcoin 

The number of users who supported a show on Fountain was up 65% in January - the biggest month of all time.

More and more lightning transactions are getting sent every month.

Transactions sent to podcasters on Fountain increased 52% in January compared to the previous month. This number is only going up.

Sats deposited to Fountain wallets is growing faster each month too.

Funds deposited on Fountain increased 250% in January compared to the previous month. December was also up +155%.

Fountain listeners love to boost.

For every sat streamed to podcasters, two sats are boosted. The average boost in January was 2,330 and 50% of them came with a message.

We are seeing some larger transactions sent to podcasters to Fountain too.

 Take a look at the leaderboard for "Baller Boosts"

  • 1st place - 502,377 sats
  • 2nd place - 502,376 sats
  • 3rd place - 250,000 sats
  • 4th place - 144,000 sats
  • 5th place - 101,010 sats

Average earnings are going up every month.

Lightning Podcast earnings on Fountain were up 25% in January.

More and more podcasts are joining the Lightning Network.

Today you can support 4,400 podcasts with Bitcoin on Fountain and other new podcast apps. 791 new shows joined in January. More than any other month in history.


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