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Podcaster Guide: How to get started with Value for Value

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Value for Value enables listeners to send Bitcoin micropayments to podcasts as they listen in real-time. This article lays out six steps every podcaster should follow to maximise their engagement and earnings - starting from scratch.


Step 1: Claim your Podcaster Wallet on Fountain

The easiest way to get on the Lightning Network is by claiming your podcast in the Fountain app. All you need is the email address in your public RSS feed so that you can verify that you are the owner of your podcast. The Fountain Podcaster Wallet also offers some powerful features and benefits for podcasters:

  • Check your earnings from every new episode you publish
  • See who your biggest fans are and what they have paid
  • Read and respond to Boosts sent from listeners on Podcasting 2.0 apps
  • Manage splits to share earning with co-hosts, guests and good causes

If your podcast is already on the Lightning Network because you manually inserted a value block into your RSS feed or used, you will need to delete it before claiming your Podcaster Wallet. 

If you have any questions about claiming your podcast on Fountain, please check out the Podcaster Wallet FAQs. If you need further support you can email us at


Step 2: Introduce your listeners to Value for Value

Now that you're set up, you're going to need to explain to your audience what Value for Value is. Put simply - if your listeners get value, they can decide to give some value back by supporting the show based on how much the show is worth to them. If they really enjoyed a particular episode or guest, they can pay more. If they weren't feeling it, they can pay less (or nothing at all). 

Find your own words to make this idea relatable for your listeners. Nobody does this better than the founder of podcasting and Podcasting 2.0 pioneer Adam Curry. If you're interested to learn more about Value for Value, we would highly recommend listening to Adam Curry's interview with the Mere Mortals podcast.

Further listening:


Step 3: Send your listeners to the Fountain app

Fountain is one of several podcast apps on supporting Value for Value that your audience can pay you with. Many listeners choose Fountain because it’s available on all devices, it has some powerful engagement features such like clips and our user experience makes it easy to get started. If you're going to recommend one, make sure it's Fountain! All they need to do is search Fountain in the App Store or Google Play store, download the app and create a wallet.

Your listeners will need to add funds to their Fountain wallet to start supporting you. To do this they will need to send some sats from another Bitcoin Lightning wallet. We recommend Blue Wallet - it's available worldwide, easy to use and you can even buy Bitcoin in the app.

Further listening:


Step 4: Ask your listeners to support you

Your listeners have two ways to send you sats directly from the Fountain player:

  • Stream - A series of payments sent each minute listened
  • Boost - A single payment sent with a message

Boosts are by far the most popular way of supporting a podcast because they work like comments - i.e. they are displayed in the Fountain app and you (or other Fountain users) can reply to them to create a thread.  This means that conversations about your content can happen in the same place where your listeners are consuming it - just like on YouTube or Twitter.

Boosts also give podcasters the opportunity make their show more interactive. The Kevin Rooke Show is a great example. Kevin has a regular segment in his podcast where he tells his listeners to send their questions in a Boost. Since introduding the "Lightning Round", The Kevin Rooke Show is now one of the highest earning podcasts on Fountain.

It may sound incredibly simple, but tell your audience to support you and they will! If you or one of your guests share a valuable point, anecdote or question, give your listeners a cue to Boost. You could even play an audio jingle. This might not be something that every podcaster would feel comfortable with, but start experimenting and find what works for you.

Further listening:


Step 5: Read out Boosts from your supporters

The highest earning podcasts on Fountain read out Boosts on their show, which has proven to be incredibly effective for increasing the support volume and value. If you are a regular listener of a podcast, there is nothing quite like being personally recognised by them. This creates additional value for the listener. Reading out Boosts also helps hosts regularly promote Value for Value in a way that is straightforward and relatable. 

If you're going to read out Boosts, we would recommend dedicating time at the end of every episode to read out the messages you received in your previous episode. Start by reading out every single one - including their user name and the amount they sent. Once you're getting more Boosts than you have time to read out, you could just focus one the most interesting or valuable ones.

Further listening:


Step 6: Be consistent and stay patient!

Getting results with Value for Value podcasting takes time and perseverance. It won't just happen overnight. Even your long-time listeners will need reminding why and how they should support you. Think about the format of your show - how can you talk about Value for Value on a regular basis? We suggest dedicating 60 seconds at the start of each episode to introduce new listeners to Value for Value and follow step 2 to step 4. You might find it helpful to write a script that you can follow or work on a pre-recorded segment that you insert.

Whenever you publish a new episode, make sure you also include information on how to support in the show notes and on your website/social media pages. These are basis things but they all help build awareness and acquire new supporters over time .


Closing Thought

It is important to be clear on why you're doing this. Podcasters are drawn to Value for Value for different reasons and it really depends on the ambitions you have for your show. Is it important that your podcast generates revenue? What is the role of advertising and sponsors? What are your costs? How much do you value the time that you put into making your podcast? These are all important questions to ask yourself and define what success looks like for you.




If you have further questions about how to get started with Value for Value or have feedback you would like to share, please contact us at!


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