• The most supported podcasts on Fountain in 2022 (and what they are doing right)

    Saturday 12th March 2022
  • The Bitcoin Lightning Network is already helping over 5000 podcasts receive payments and messages from fans. But how is it working out for them?
    Getting your podcast on the Lightning Network is easy but getting it to take off is not automatic. You still need to inform your audience and regularly find wind ways to ask them to support you. Like many things in life, the more you put in the more you get out.
    Here are the most supported Lightning Podcasts on Fountain so far this year and five fundamentals for maximising engagement and earnings.
  • 1

    Podcasting 2.0

    by Podcast Index LLC


    No Agenda

    by Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak


    Moe Factz with Adam Curry

    by Moe Factz with Adam Curry



    Citadel Dispatch

    by Matt Odell


    Curry & The Keeper

    by Tina & Adam Curry


    Bowl After Bowl

    by Spencer and Laurien


    The Kevin Rooke Show

    by Kevin Rooke


    Bitcoin Rapid-Fire

    by John Vallis


    Hog Story

    by Hog Story

  • 11. What Bitcoin Did by Peter McCormack


    12. Intergalactic Boom Box by Kyle Hebert


    13. Bitcoin Audible by Guy Swann


    14. LINUX Unplugged by Jupiter Broadcasting


    15. Lifespring! Family Audio Bible by Steve Webb

    16. Closing the Loop by John Vallis


    17. The "What is Money?" Show by Robert Breedlove


    18. Once BITten! by Daniel Prince


    19. Rare Encounter by AbleKirby and coldacid


    20. Stephan Livera Podcast by Stephan Livera

  • Startup checklist for Lightning Podcasts

  • ☑️ Explain Value for Value

    Put simply - if listeners get value from your podcast, they can choose to give some value back by supporting you. However you explain this is up to you. The most important thing is delivering this message in a way that feels natural for you and your audience, so make it relatable and keep it simple.
    Some have this down to a fine art. Nobody does this better than Adam Curry, who features in our top 10 list four times. If you're interested to learn from him, we would highly recommend listening to Adam Curry's interview with the Mere Mortals podcast.
  • ☑️ Point listeners towards a Lightning app

    Get them off Apple Podcasts/Spotify and send them to newpodcastapps.com or recommend your favourite. Many podcasters recommend Fountain because it’s available on iOS and Android and our user experience makes it easy to get started. We also give away free sats every now and again, so follow us on Twitter to learn about promotions that we are running.
  • ☑️ Ask for support

    Your listeners will need to load up some sats from any Lightning Wallet before they can start supporting you. For listeners who are not using Lightning yet, we recommend Blue Wallet as it has a really simple interface and you can buy Bitcoin within the app.
    Fountain that you can ‘stream’ sats every minute they listen and send a Boost with a message. Some hosts clearly direct you to do one or the other and some leave it open. Let listeners know their options and think about whether it makes sense for you to focus on one versus the other, depending on the format of your show.



  • ☑️ Read out messages from your supporters

    Half of the podcasts in the top list have a regular segment where they read out Boost messages from listeners. This has proven to be incredibly effective for increasing the volume and value of support. It also makes them feel part of a community of listeners and helps hosts regularly promote Value for Value in a way that is straightforward and relatable.
    For example, the The Kevin Rooke Show launched in October 2022. Kevin introduced a regular segment called the Lightning Round where he answers questions from listeners about the Lightning Network. This is a really clear call to action and it creates additional value for your audience which you will be rewarded for.
  • ☑️ Be consistent

    We suggest dedicating 30 seconds at the start of each episode to explaining what Value for Value is, where to get an app that supports it and how you would like listeners to support you. This ensures that new listeners get the message loud and clear from the very beginning.
    Your audience will need regular reminders to press the Boost button. Just like any new behaviour, it takes some time to learn it before it becomes instinctive. A great example of a podcast doing this well is Podcasting 2.0. They inject catchy audio jingles at opportune moments in each episode to drive donations - for example, when a key point is made.
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